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Welcome to our Myanmar Travel Blog by Osuga Myanmar. In this travel blog we want to help you planning your trip to Myanmar. We will help you understanding more about the culture and way of life of locals as well as introduce you to the most popular destinations in Myanmar. We will also tell you some secrets and tips that can be useful during your stay and also share some personal experiences there. So let’s start!

Kengtung, Eastern Shan State

the fields in Kengtung

Kengtung, the preceding capital of the Golden Triangle, was British governmental post. The major attraction of Kengtung is the trekking to villages and examining the tribes. Moreover, if there are some border crossing trips which wants to enter Thailand through Tachileik border, we have to overnight in this city. Kengtung History Kengtung is the town […]

Festival of Kachin State (Kachin Manaw Festival)

Kachin Manaw Festival

Kachin State, this place is well-known among Myanmar people because of the highest mountain in Myanmar, Hkakabo Razi and a huge inland lake, Indawgyi Lake. Everyone want to go there because this state is full of beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges and flower fields. Moreover, Kachin Manaw Festival or Manau Pwe is one of the most […]

Myeik, Mergui Archipelago

Island in Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago is in the southernmost part of Myanmar with over 800 stunning islands. Due to the neglect of government and located in isolation, these islands remain untouched. Moreover, the surrounding seas are lively with the various diversity of flora and fauna and staggering underwater sites and marine life. The UNESCO considers that Mergui Archipelago […]

Taungyi, Hot Air Balloon Festival

hot air balloon festival

Hot air balloon festival otherwise Tazaungdaing lights festival yearly holds in the capital of Southern Shan State, Taungyi. It usually celebrates in November, the month of Tazaungmon in Myanmar calendar. Furthermore, this moment is the end of the rainy season as well as the transition to the winter. The hot air balloon festival (fire balloon […]

Naga Festival

Naga Festival in Myanmar

Myanmar is famous as not only golden land but also festival land as there are the countless festivals which hold year round. Most of the festivals are closely related with Buddha and focus on gratefulness. Every January, the Naga festival celebrates in the northern region of Myanmar. The entire Naga tribes from all around Myanmar […]

Thadingyut Festival – The Second most Famous Festival of Lights in Myanmar

Thadingyut Festival

The Thadingyut festival, the festival of lights is the second most famous festival in Myanmar. It is usually held on the full moon day of the Myanmar lunar month of the Thadingyut. This festival is the commemoration to welcome the Buddha’s descent from the heaven after preaching about the Abhidhamma to his mother. History of […]

Phowintaung Buddha Statue Cave Temple

Phowintaung Caves

Phowintaung is a compound of Buddhist caves which inscribe the Buddha images and depictions. It is 25 kilometers far from the west of Monywa city and also located in Sagaing region. ? Phowintaung Caves Phowintaung cave is the Buddha compound cave and lies 25 kilometers west of Monywa. It is also on the west bank of […]

The Second Tallest Buddha Statue in the World (Laykyun Setkyar)

The seccond tallest Buddha statue in the world, reclining Buddha Image and Stupa

Laykyun Setkyar Buddha Statue (Bodhi Ta Htaung), the second tallest Buddha statue in the world, located in Sagaing Region. If you are in Monywa, you have to take around 40 minutes to reach there. Before 2017, Laykyun Sekkya Myanmar was the biggest and tallest statue in the world. Moreover, you can appreciate one of the […]