Independence Day

Myanmar Independence Day

Independence day is the special day for the Myanmar citizen because funfairs are held all around the country. As a public holiday, you can have the opportunity to spend your time with your friends and families. Every 4th in January, Independence day is celebrated. Let us share about the commencement of Myanmar’s Independence day.

Myanmar Independence History

Independence Day
Colonial Buildings in Yangon

Myanmar was a country which was overwhelmed by the colonization endeavor from the Great Britain and Japan. During the 19th century, the Great Britain reinforced their economy by using the resources and labor forces from their colonial countries. To maintain the growing demands of consumers and to expand the productivity. After that Myanmar was decentralized and had an unsteady political system. Then, parts of the Myanmar country became under the political control of the Great Britain. Under the British colonial rule, Myanmar people were intractable. So, Myanmar ethnic group leaders contacted each other to fight against the British government. Those conflicts were well-known as the third Anglo-Burmese Wars. After all, the Great Britain appeared as the victory in among of the conflicts. Therefore, Myanmar became the territory of the British India.

After becoming the district of the British India, the traditions of the Myanmar people were intimidated by the new rules and regulations. Furthermore, the British government made matter worse by being estranged the Myanmar ethnic groups. Due to this side effect, the Myanmar people were divided than before.

However, the British government constructed many impressive buildings around Myanmar. When you visit here, these colonial buildings in Yangon will bring back to the colonial era. Moreover, you can enjoy the renovation tour in the secretariat office, where the general Aung San and six ministers were assassinated.

Burma Independence from Britain

During the second world war, Japan tried to oppose the British government from Myanmar in order to spread their empire. Therefore, Japanese military approached Aung San, a man who struggle to get Myanmar independence. After that, he believed that the best way to achieve independence was fighting against the British government. After swaying him, he made up his mind to go to Japan so as to accept the military training. After training, the Japanese persuaded Aung San if the Myanmar forces assisted Japan military, they would defeat the British government successfully. However, Aung San noticed that the Japanese force would not want to renounce their authority even the British were defeated. So, Aung San served as the spy for the British government and informed about the Japanese allies.

Finally, the British guaranteed to give independence if Aung San and his army aided them to attack the Japanese. After the second world war, the British left Myanmar and give Aung San empowerment to reign the country.

Celebration of Myanmar Independence Day

Independence Day
Running Race which held in the morning of Independence Holiday

There are many events and activities during the Independence Day. The people in most of the quarters organize the races such as running, football and climbing greasy pole. The most notable thing about Independence Day is the Independence monument which can be found in the Mahabandoola Park.

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