Kengtung, Eastern Shan State

the fields in Kengtung

Kengtung, the preceding capital of the Golden Triangle, was British governmental post. The major attraction of Kengtung is the trekking to villages and examining the tribes. Moreover, if there are some border crossing trips which wants to enter Thailand through Tachileik border, we have to overnight in this city.

Kengtung History

Kengtung is the town of the Shan Plateau. Once it became the capital of this state and was home for Shan Saopha (Sawbwa), the king of the Shan State. Being the kingdom of Shan Stae, it also had a palace which was built in 1905 by Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng (the 40th Prince of Kengtung).

Kengtung is pretty similar with the Chinese and Thailand people because it closes with these countries. The experience of this state will definitely be different with the Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. The early history of Kengtung comprises with the myths and legends. There is the oral story about Wa people, the tribes who live in this region. People said that Wa people discovered this state in the faraway past and so they are the indigenous inhabitant of this area. After that king Mangrai vanquished deliberately the Wa people and established again the kingdom.

Kengtung Palace

As I mentioned in the former paragraph, there was a palace in Kengtung and the owner was Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng. After visiting to India, he decided to build the palace with the inspiration of imperial Indian style. The construction completed by the usage of teak, the tower which is in detail with the lacquered teaks. This palace was also well known as the “Haw Hong” which means northern palace.

Ethnic Group in Kengtung

The Mon Khmer ethnic group is the most ancient inhabitant. According to the name, they are suggested to have relationship with the Mon of Southern Myanmar and the Khmer from Cambodia. Most of them are population from the mainland of Southeast Asia before the arrival of immigrant from China. The Tai group started to emigrate into Thailand and Shan State during the 13th century. Nowadays these groups are in the eastern Shan State and the dialect is pretty similar with Thailand people. Moreover, there are various Mon Khmer groups with non identical mother tongue and miscellaneous costumes.

You can find Wa people in the northern Kengtung and observe traditional mud style houses in Wa villages. There also have Palaung people which spread widely throughout the Shan State. However, the red Palaung are preponderant in this region. They wear red and black outfit with greatly intricate waistbands.

Another tribe that you can study in this region is the Enn, a small ethnic group. The most noteworthy is that they survive only on this spot. People also regard them as “Black Tooth Tribe” due to their tendencies. In addition, the Enn women sometimes use the black lipstick which comprises with charred tree bark.

Furthermore, there are Akhu tribes which relate with Sino-Tibetan. Even though they are also indistinguishable with Akha, but differ in costumes and traditions.

Kengtung Airport

Kengtung airport is supposed to be under the control of military department because you can find the heavy military presence. It is a single-terminal airport, compact and rustic. However, you are not allowed to overnight at the airport. You can find the Golden Star hotel which is just 3.9 kilometers far from the airport.

Tachileik to Kengtung

Kengtung is the only area where you can visit from Tachileik. If you want to move forward, you need to head to Kengtung airport. Detail information about travelling from Tachileik to Kengtung can be found in the post of Tachielik, Shan State Myanmar.

Kengtung Travel

The houses which set along the hill in Kengtung

Very few people can speak Myanmar language. The eastern Shan dialect is the principal language and which is alike with Thailand. Almost 200,000 residents are here and three main hills are the perimeter of this area.There is either a teardrop shape Naung Taung lake and so it is definitely an exquisite region. Around the lake, there are a few colonial houses and teak houses at the summit of the hill. Maha Myat Muni pagoda which close with Amazing Kengtung resort, famous as Wat Phra Jao Lung among Thai people.

Everything you need can be available in the central market. You can purchase clothing accessories with the fair prices. Please do not forget to enjoy the traditional tasty shan noodle.

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