Myeik, Mergui Archipelago

Island in Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago is in the southernmost part of Myanmar with over 800 stunning islands. Due to the neglect of government and located in isolation, these islands remain untouched. Moreover, the surrounding seas are lively with the various diversity of flora and fauna and staggering underwater sites and marine life. The UNESCO considers that Mergui Archipelago as a prospective World Heritage Site for the biodiversity.

Things to Note in Mergui Archipelago

Sea Gypsy people in Mergui Archipelago
The fishing style of Sea Gypsy people

The sea gypsies which name Salon tribe is the only human inhabitants in Mergui Archipelago. Salon festival is annually held on 16th February, in order to promote the life style of Salon tribe and Mergui Archipelago as a tourist destination. Moreover they want to organize the marine eco-tourism in the islands of Archipelago. Before the changes of Myanmar’s government, there are the tension between the Salon tribe and issuing authorities. However, you can enjoy their traditional food, fresh cuttle fish and have a look at the way they build the dugout canoes which they have been invented for ten thousands years ago. There is an imaginary line in the north of the Surin Islands which divides the waters of Thailand from Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. This immense area is wide about 14000 square miles and diving in this region area is early in the stage of the development. After several years of discussion with Phuket dive operators, this area were unlocked for tourism in 1997. But most of them still remain spotless.

Sailing around Mergui Archipelago

The tropical water and temperature around this archipelago are continually warm and pleasant. You can enjoy sailing throughout the year. Between November and April will be the best time for the sailing. The weather condition between December and February will be the most comfortable. The best time for snorkeling and diving will be around March and April because of the less wind with clear water. All of the island group is loaded with secure anchorages.

Diving in Mergui Archipelago

view of Mergui Archipelago
The forgotten Myeik islands of Myanmar

One of the allure attractions for divers will be the exploring the interesting living thing such as sharks and rays. Furthermore, there are enormous species of smaller fish and coral reefs. Not so many people have been there before and so this will be the excellent dive destination for you. Due to the trawling and long line fishing, it causes many affects on the fish populations. The worst threat will be the blast fishing with dynamite. You will hear the noise of explosion at least one time during your trip around Mergui Archipelago.Even some sites are bombed regularly, there are many corals, cuttlefish and other species are still undamaged and survive. In addition sharks and rays are also remain alive even the explosion is very close.

How to get there?

From Yangon to there, there will be the flight service of Myanmar National Airline and it will take around 1 hour. Moreover, there is also the Mandalar Minn express service and it will take around 20 hours. Most of islands in Myeik do not have any hotels and guest house service. So the traveler sleep in the tents and some sleep in the boat.

Well, let me know your experience about Mergui Archipelago. Have you ever enjoyed diving and met sea gypsies there?If so, please share your photos in the comment box? Hopefully this post will be informative for you and leave the rating for us. Let’s see what will be the next post in coming week.

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