Tachileik, Shan State Myanmar

Tachileik Border

Tachileik, a lovely small town is served as a border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar. Thai baht is widely used in this town and mostly everybody can speak Thai language. Thai telephone services work very well within this area and the facts all of the above make this town quite different from other towns in Myanmar. Let us share more detail information about Tachileik.

Tachileik Border Crossing

Why this border is congested and hectic? The answer is because heaps of tourists from Thailand come here and purchase some goods with bargain prices. Furthermore, the Myanmar people flock the bridge to trade all kinds of goods and there are some people who arrange the permits to visit Kengtung. There are also several options for the tourists who cross this border. Make extension of Thai Visa and do a quick visit and turnaround, explore Tachileik market and go back to Thailand or overnight in Tachileik, head to Kengtung or to the airport and visit other destinations in Myanmar.

Tachileik to Kengtung and Other Areas

If you want to travel Kengtung without tourist visa, hiring a guide will be mandatory. You will have to leave your passport at the immigration office and apply temporary entry permit with around 500 Baht. Kengtung is the one and only destination where you can visit with temporary entry pass. Then you have to return Tachileik, collect your passport and exit from this border. You will get only 14 days to travel Kengtung.

If  you hold the Myanmar Tourist Visa, you don’t need to have temporary pass and guide. Moreover, you can stay as long as you wish in Tachileik by tourist visa. However, if you want to visit other destinations and attractions in Myanmar, you need to head to Kengtung Airport. For current condition, if you want to travel overland from or to Kengtung, you need to contact with local tour agency in order to apply the permission. (We provide those permits only for our border crossing tours and motorbike tours.)

If you hold a passport form from Japan, South Korea, Macao and Hong Kong you are very lucky, you will get a visa exemption at the boder. That means that you will get the Myanmar visa for free! You can visit the official website of Ministry of Tourism for more info about it.

The way from Tachileik to Kengtung is almost 160 kilometers long and nearly three hours long to reach Kengtung. The road to Kengtung is full with curve but the surface is good.

Tachileik Shwedagon Pagoda

Tachileik Shwedagon Pagoda
Glittering Shwedagon Pagoda at Tachileik

Shwedagon Pagoda is the famous one in Tachileik. It is located on a hillside and remember that the hill is quite slope to climb. However, the good views from the hill will make your tiredness away. You will see Myanmar hills on one side and Mae Sai region on the other. You can look around the town and explore the Myanmar environment. You will be welcomed by the congregation of sellers at the entry point. You can hire a cycle taxi to visit Shwedagon Pagoda and other places nearby.

You will notice that there is also Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon. Even though both of them have the same name, they are different in some cases such as the structure, size and being well-known.

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