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In order to drive any kind of foreign vehicle in Myanmar you need to apply for an Overland Permit as well as a temporary import permit, vehicle insurance and a driving licence recognition.

Myanmar Overland Permit

Those permits are issued by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism of Myanmar through tours operators. In order to get them we need to show them the exact itinerary of the tour, the bookings at the hotels and finally make sure a Local Guide as well as an assistance vehicle will be present every time during this trip.

How to cross Myanmar driving my own vehicle - Faq

Is it possible to cross by land from Myanmar to Laos, Bangladesh or China?
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to travel from Bangladesh to Myanmar.
  • The Myanmar Laos border will be open soon, the Myanmar gate is already open and ready to welcome foreigners, but the Laos one is still close and only local people are allowed to cross it. We will update this info when they open it definitely.
  • It is currently only possible to cross through Tamu/Moreh, Rih Khaw Dar/Zowkhawthar borders (India) or Mae Sot/Myawaddy and Mae Sai/ Taichileik and 2 borders more, all in Thailand.
  • It does happen sometimes that the border Muse/China opens for foreigners.
  • Here you can find more information about Myanmar borders in our post.
Is the Carnet de Passages necessary in Myanmar?

The answer depends on the border you want to cross. We requested for it because it is the easiest way to get all your vehicle information.

  • Myanmar is not a country that takes the international law of the Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD), it is not necessary to get into or exit the country from and to Thailand.
  • However, to get into or exit through India, the Carnet de Passages is needed for foreign vehicles.
  • To enter in Thailand, many customs Officers are so happy to stamp it, making the border crossing smooth
Which documents do I need to get the Overland Permit?
  • International Driving License (IDP)
  • Pictures of the vehicle (front/back/sides)
  • Pictures of you traveling with your vehicle
  • Carnet de Passages
  • Myanmar Visa
  • Passport copy
  • A list of the countries that you have visited and the ones you are going to visit
When do I need to apply for those permits?
  • We to apply at least 15 days before your arrival in Myanmar, so  need to get all your documents to be ready before of it.
  • Once your arrival date is confirmed, it will only be possible to delay it 5 days maximum.
  • After this time, the permit will not be valid anymore so we would need to apply again and wait another 2 weeks to get it done.
Can I apply for the Online Visa?
  • Yes, you can! With the E-Visa you can enter from India and Thailand without problems. And we suggest you do it online, it is the faster an easier way to get your visa.
  • You can read here more about how to get the Online Myanmar Visa.
  • If you are the one of those who prefer to apply for a visa in the embassy, we will provided you an Invitation Letter after your tour is confirmed.
Can I book the hotels on my own?
  • In order to get the Myanmar Overland Permit, we need to book the hotels'roomsand show the bookings to the Hotels and Tourism Ministry. That means you cannot choose by yourself.
  • However, you can book one of our Private Tours and choose in which hotel you want to stay but we need to book them for you anyway.
Can I enter Thailand through Myanmar with my Camper Van? Can I sleep in to reduce the cost?
  • Officially, Thai Law does not allow any kind of vehicle over 3.500 kg weight or with more than 9 sits and Camper Vehicles. For that reason, Vans as well as mini-vans are excluded in Thailand.
  • The law is very strict between Thai and Myanmar borders, although not all officers at the borders enforce the law.
  • There are many cases of travelers who have been able to enter Thailand legally without guide, for more information, please contact us
  • If you are in this situation, you will of course be able to sleep in you van to reduce the cost. In any case, we need to register you as a guest at the hotel in order to get the Overland Permit. and most of the hotels asked us to book the room to do it. So unfortunately don't expect the price to be so much lower.
We are a family. Is there any discount for kids?

We are a family too and we want to include you all in it. For that reason, we are happy to inform you that:

  • Kids under 2 years old travel for free
  • Kids under 7 will pay only half the price.

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